Content and Community will decide the future of Internet

The birth of internet was a technology revolution. Technology helped bringing people closer, together and connecting with each other. Large technology leaders invaded the internet space and then came the year 2000 with a big bust. The bubble burst and everything came to ground zero.

Today the scenario is completely different, the technology czar Microsoft has been pleading, exploding and ranting to own the world’s largest content portal Yahoo. And Yahoo has been able to defend its position even in the time of extreme meltdown.

Players who believed in content are scoring high; look closer to yourself and you will see Web 18 an anonymous media group a few years back as one of the biggest challengers in the media space. And if that was not sufficient how many of us realized that there would be a space for another TV channel dedicated on Soaps, Viacoms Colors has just proven how content changes consumer sentiments.

If it’s true then Money Control from Web 18, seems to be the only online portal in India seems to be closer to making money. As we sit in a year of severe economic depression, we realize today the history of modern age media is littered with casualty of people who believed in technology rather the content.

Communities will bring together the localization and Context will connect the masses. Brands and Marketeers will have to shed the traditional cycle of producing, distributing, communicating and urging consumers to buy attitude. They will have to reach out to the consumers directly, set the context and consumption will happen naturally.

For how many years we saw hotmail remain the hottest mail in town! Well just two days back hotmail is no longer remained just a mail or aggregation site for news feeds. It’s becoming a community portal, users are now getting linked in communities and setting context with each other. Well the biggest of technology groups has realized that stereotype solutions will no longer stick the users together to its offerings. They are now attempting to become more community driven.

In fact they have just realized that the most brilliant technologists would be the ones who would be motivated by providing Usefulness, Entertainment, Education and Social Connectivity.

Its time to realize that ultimately it will be content and communities which will drive the future!

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