World’s No.1 Social Media Site has just proven the might of the medium!

Social Media
Social Media

Many of us last week woke up reading an evocative headline in all major national dailies announcing Facebook’s decision to own manage and use our (users) content for now and forever.

Facebook’s new Terms of Services indicated that it owns all the data that users upload to their system. In fact, it went a step ahead to suggest that they may “retain archived copies of your user content” even if users stopped using their account. There were furious protests from users of the Facebook all over the world, finally yesterday morning; I was pleasantly surprised to read: Mark Zukerburg says Sorry, “We were wrong!” He personally responded to the concerns and said that they thought these terms are consistent with many web-service providers. Facebook has retracted from its stance and said “This was a mistake and we have now corrected. You own the information you put on Facebook and you control what happens to it. We are sorry for the confusion”.

To me, this issue is not just about what brought Facebook founder to his knees but about power of the medium. We have seen many protests and protesters in past on the roads, and the time it takes for the system to realize and forget these. But on Social Media it’s the protest which hits your screen and brings an opinion to its logical conclusion almost instantaneously. Doesn’t that qualify, Internet to be a medium which generates instant reactions? Would these incidents have any relevance for the FMCG marketers, who undisputedly believe in the power of offline media?

Social Media today is all pervasive – it’s not just changing the way we consume the internet but also our lives but also our decision making. It is important too for marketers to realize the power of this medium.

Social Media will not only drive the growth of web in the future but bring measurability of any marketing activity to its ultimate level. While in traditional media we wait for weeks post campaign burst to await results, web and social media would deliver results the real time. Infact I believe that measurability metrics will change completely; CTRs or CPAs would just be stepping stones to track impact on consumer minds directly.

The game has just begun!

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