Notes from Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC-2010

Apple WWDC 2010 – Steve Jobs Keynote Quicknotes (Contributed by Navdeep Manaktala)

    iPhone 4

    • US Smartphone Market Share – RIM: 35%,iPhone: 28%, Windows, 19%, Android 9%, other 9%
    • US Mobile Browser Usage – iPhone : 57%, Android : 23%, RIM : 13%, Others : 7%
    • Hardware
      • New design (leaked iPhone)
      • Thinnest smartphone ever (claim) – 9.3mm thick; 24mm thinner than the iPhone 3GS
      • Stainless steel body for strength
      • Glass display for optical quality and scratch resistance
      • Integrated antenna – The outter rim of the case is the phone’s antenna
      • Display :
        • 3.5 in display
        • 960×460 pixels (4x more than current iPhone)
        • Retina display – 326 pixels per inch (300 is supposedly the highest for the human retina). Highest ever resolution on a phone
        • 800:1 contrast ratio (4x better than current iPhone)
        • IPS Technology for superb color and wide viewing angle
        • Going to set the standard for displays over the next few years (claim)
    • A4 processor (same as on iPad. Designed by Apple)
    • 40% improvement in battery life (larger battery + improved processor) – 3G Talk (7 hrs), 3G Browsing (6 hrs), WiFi Browsing (10 hrs), Video (10 hrs), Music (40 hrs), Standby (300 hrs)
    • 32 GB of storage
    • Quad-band HSDPA/HSUPA
    • 3-axis gyroscope, adding pitch/roll/yaw, rotation around gravityvide 6 axis motion. Gyro + accelerometer pro – Perfect for gaming
    • Camera : 5 Mpx, front & rear, backside illuminated sensor, allowing more light to get to the sensor, 5x digital zoom, LED flash, tap to focus
    • Video : HD (720p @30 fps) video, tap to focus, built-in video editing, one click sharing, flash support for videos also
    • iMovie App : Create video clips with ability to add pictures, backgrounds, location, music, etc.
    • Software (iOS4)
      • Folders, task switcher, unified mailbox, enterprise features (as outlined earlier this month)
      • Choice of Bing for search
      • Will ship 100 millionth iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) this month
      • iBooks now also comes to the iPhone (including download same book for all your apple devices at no extra charge). iBooks will also automatically sync your notes, books, and place wirelessly across all of your deivces
      • PDF support
      • Support for video calling (being called Facetime), front and rear camera support, only via Wifi in 2010, support for landscape and portrait mode
      • To be also made available for existing devices
      • Colours : Black, White
      • Price : $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB ; iPhone 3GS (8 GB) is going to be $99
      • Availability : Jun 24th


    • Objective – To help our developers earn money so they can continue building apps
    • Selling iAds for 8 weeks now
    • Adverisers so far – Nissan, Unilever, AT&T, Citi, Chanel, GE, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Geico, Campbell, Sears, JC Penny, Target, Best Buy, Direct TV, TBS, and Disney. Have committed $60 million in iAd advertising
    • Support for full screen and full interactivity


    • Apple supports two platforms – HTML5 (fully open, uncontrolled platform) and the AppStore (curated platform)


    • 8500 native apps
    • 35 million app downloads over last 65 days = 17 apps per iPad
    • 5 million book downloads from iBooks over last 65 days = 2.5 books per iPad
    • New feature on iBooks – Notes (post mark shows alongside wherever you noted)
    • PDF support


    • 225k apps
    • 15k apps submitted each week in 30 languages
    • 95% of apps approved within a week
    • Top reasons for rejection of submitted apps – App doesn’t function as advertised, Use of Private APIs & App crashes
    • eBay app – 10 mn downloads of app since its launch last year. 600 mn transcations via the same in the first year and expected to do 1.5-2 bn transactions this year
    • NetFlix coming to the iPhone (14 mn subscribers). Like on the iPad, you can resume movies from where you left off on other platforms. Full catalog and Instant Queue access
    • Farmville by Zynga, one of the most popular online games of all time with 80 mn players currently, comes to the iPhone with pinch/zoom, notifications, etc.
    • Guitar Hero with strumming (certain notes are swiped, rather than tapped) comes to the iPhone
    • 5 billion downloads on iPhone. Across the 3 stores, there have been over 16 billion downloads
    • Across all three stores (App stores, iTunes, iBooks), Apple has over 150 million credit cards users
    • US$ 1 billion payouts to developers to date (70% of end user revenue)

    Watch the video of the address on the Apple site.

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