Key Internet and Mobile Trends

Last couple of years have seen rapid developments in the Internet and mobile space and now the two are tightly integrated together. Here are our top 20 Internet and Mobile trends:

  1. Mobile ramping up significantly and faster than anything in the recent past
    • Smartphones > PC sales within 2 yrs
    • Mobile data usage likely to shortly overtake desktop internet access
  2. Intensifying OS battles
    • Attackers driving market excitement and momentum
    • Single OS across screens (Mobile, Tablet, PC, TV)
    • Smartphone platforms = brand to the consumer
  3. Increasing digitization (content, medium, process)
  4. Apps, Apps, Apps !
    • Native apps stymieing open web
    • App Stores – Significant content distribution platforms. Enabling long tail content
    • Across Platforms (TV, PC, Tablets, Mobile)
    • Increasing Personalisation via apps (consumer life dashboard)
    • Big brands rushing our mobile apps & seeing tremendous traction (e.g. EBay, Amazon)
    • Some social game audience now = Prime time TV audience
    • Viability challenges for larger community of developers
  5. ‘Social’ization of everything (search, commerce, gaming, advertising)
  6. Smartphones & now Superphones!
    • Increasing capability – Processing, display. Battery technology lacking
    • Tighter internet integration
    • Easier to use – UX innovation
  7. Emergence of Apple, Facebook and Google ecosystems
    • Different platforms with rapid innovation and different plays
  8. Rise of the Mediatek ecosystem in Asia
    • 400+ M phones a year + suite of white label services
  9. Brewing battle for online Identity Management
    • FB & Google competing ferociously to own the online consumer’s identity
    • As online identities become more widely used in hiring practices, sites like will compete for the opportunity to help protect and bolster online identities
  10. Emergence of HTML5 & Web apps
  11. Increasing leverage of location & presence awareness
  12. Rising importance of Mobile Money
  13. Rapid Biz Model Innovation
    • In-app sales, Groupon, etc.
  14. Increasing focus on Monetization (FB, Twitter, YouTube)
  15. Rise of the Connected TV
    • Home entertainment & communication hub
  16. Growing momentum for mobile advertising
    • New formats
    • Plethora of entrants with ad platforms from amongst IT and telecom vendors
    • Ownership of ad platforms and ad-networks becoming the next battle battle ground
  17. Revolutionizing Retail Commerce
    • Mobile – Location based, discounts, transparent pricing, etc.
    • Leveraging group buying power
  18. Media Trends
    • Growing video play
    • Increasing traction for eBooks
    • UGC content accelerating
  19. Increasing leverage of internet by enterprises – SaaS, Cloud computing
  20. Convergent Communications
    • SN increasingly platform for all forms of communication
    • Mobile, PC & TV support for convergent communication

Request the readers to comment on the trends and add in case we have missed any trend.

(Navdeep Manaktala is co-author of this article; image courtesy

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