Can I Use VoIP with Wireless Internet?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a very popular and growing facet of the communication market. Using an Internet connection, you can stream phone calls to anywhere on the planet without using a mobile provider. With VoIP, phone calls are made through the IP network on your computer. Many users access wireless internet whether they are at home or on the go. The marriage of these two technologies seems only natural, but can VoIP be used with wireless Internet?


VoIP has grown in popularity both with private customers and businesses. It provides substantial cost savings over traditional land line phone providers. Consumers will be happy to know that VoIP can be used with a wireless Internet connection. However, there are several factors to consider when making calls using VoIP on your wireless network.


When you have an important phone call to make, you want a clear connection free of service interruptions. To ensure high call quality, you must have enough bandwidth available on your wireless network when you make VoIP calls. For instance, if your VoIP application has to compete with large data downloads on your computer, you may not get the call quality you desire. Latency, or lag, has been called the enemy of VoIP. Choose a VoIP provider with a latency of 150 milliseconds or less. If it is any higher, your call can be slowed down. You will also hear annoying overlapping noises and echoes. Security is a big concern when using VoIP. This is even more true when you are using VoIP over a wireless network. Make sure that your wireless network is secured through encryption and password-protection.


There are many advantages to using VoIP. The biggest advantage is cost. Some VoIP providers are free, while others charge a small rate. Either way, you will pay only a fraction of the cost of your regular phone bill. VoIP is portable and convenient. You can make and receive calls anywhere you have internet access. With VoIP, you can also get many features of traditional phone services, such as call-forwarding, call-waiting, three-way calling, and voice mail.


Numerous VoIP providers are available. One of the most popular VoIP providers is Skype. Skype provides voice and video services and allows families to visit face-to-face across the globe. Best of all, calls from one user to another are free. Other popular VoIP providers are Vonage, InPhonex and Lingo.


An exciting newer development in wireless internet is WiMax networks. WiMax networks can cover entire cities. Companies  have built WiMax networks that provide incredible internet speed and capacity. Since a WiMax network provides faster service than traditional wireless internet, customers of Clear Internet enjoy high-quality VoIP calls. VoIP is quickly gaining popularity over traditional phone service. Using VoIP through your wireless internet is a cost-effective and convenient way to make and receive phone calls.

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