Global Mobile Browser Market Share

Mobile internet is very different from the fixed line internet. The browsers can be a good proxy to fragmentation in the operating systems market. The fixed line internet is dominated by 3 browsers with Internet Explorer having a little over 50% market share as it is dominated by Windows operating system. However, in the mobile internet, the most used browser is a little over 20% and the browser share tracks the fortunes of the vendors.

The chart below from Statcounter shows the global market share for mobile browsers. Opera is the most popular mobile browser.

Mobile Browser Market Share

The share for Blackberry browser follows the declining trends in RIM’s appeal. Similarly, Android browser has consistently gained market share since June, 2009 and is now the most popular browser after Opera. Interestingly, iPhone browser has shown a pretty flat share despite increasing popularity of iPhones.

Click on Mobile Browser Market Share to download the excel file of the chart data from
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