Apple or Android: Which is Better for Your Business?

apple-vs-androidChoosing between Apple and Android can be one of the most difficult decisions to make, especially when your business exists and functions online and via mobile. Both operating systems offer the best smartphone features at present, they likewise boast a huge user base. Many apps and smartphone programs have been made compatible on both platforms, thus you can access your important online projects using either smartphone OS.

But if you want to make your online business operations more efficient even while on mobile, it is important that you are using the smartphone platform that suits you best not only to your needs but also with your working nature. It’s because you’ll be relying on your phone for most of your business deals, appointments and other tasks on a daily basis and you need to use one that complements you best.

Hence, if you are caught in a dilemma between using Apple and Android, then you may want to read through these points first so that you can come up with the right choice:

1. What kind of apps do you use for business?

When it comes to accessing online programs and features via mobile, you will definitely have to rely on apps. There are many apps these days that are designed not only for business, but as well as for work and personal organization, and these can be downloaded and installed on your phone or tablet.

If you are more into the more innovative apps, then you might want to use an Android instead of Apple. For one, there are far more apps designed for Android phones as compared to Apple, practically because it serves to be a more generic platform that already been embraced by different phone manufacturers these days. As a platform, Android is more open to using new apps, while in Apple, you are limited to apps that are specially designed for it.

2. OS Stability

Meanwhile, if you want a long-lasting smartphone that is able to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of the online business then Apple is the way to go. Why? Apple products are crafted to remain compatible amidst software upgrades and other changes, whereas Android-based phones and tablets tend to be less retroactive. Even though Androids market share is growing (you can see this chart for a reference) this fact still remains.

For example, if you are using a first generation iPhone, you can still enjoy its best features as a smartphone when you upgrade its iOS. However, when it comes to Android phones, if you need to do a software update, you may experience compatibility issues as the apps built for the latest version of Android may not work well with the previous releases.
Getting an iOS upgrade isn’t free though, and the costs aren’t cheap. However, some people view this as a very good investment, as they are not complied to switch to new phones or use new apps from time to time.

3. Merchant Services

If your business relies on mainly on merchant services, like ecommerce, or if you are transacting payments from clients on a regular basis, then using Apple would suit you better. There are more merchant-related apps designed for iOS phones and tablets as compared to Android devices, and these enable you to process payments via credit/debit cards and online payment systems. Also, developers who create apps for Android devices under this field base their designs on iOS apps, thus choosing the more stable apps to use might just provide you with more benefits. There’s still a lot of room for growth in the mobile payment sector, see this article we posted on mobile payments for more details.

4. Other Uses

Of course, while you use your smartphone or tablet for business purposes, there are also times that you useit for personal leisure. When it comes to apps that involve games, music and entertainment, and other forms of leisure, you may want to use Android instead. Indeed, Apple has iTunes, and an Apple Store where you can get their latest apps for both fun and leisure, but the selections remain to be limited.

Overall, if you are looking for a smartphone platform that you can use strictly for business, then Apple beats Android. It’s because when doing business online or via mobile, you’re not only after innovation, but as well as long-term stability. Indeed Android offers high potential when used for business, but you have to be careful on selecting the features and apps to use so that you not only enjoy the latest features and enhancements that they offer-more importantly, you are doing business within a stable mobile framework.

This is a guest post by Andrew Scherer who helps local firms find the best business answering service online.

Image credit – Nine Tech Blog

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