iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

After endless hours of wait, after long queues and after apparently 2 millions of pre-orders; the final release of the new iPhone 5 has finally arrived last Friday morning, the 21st of September 2012!

So far, new iPhone´s owners seem satisfied. Among the various new features, major changes include: a wider screen, a thinner and lighter design structure with respect to the iPhone 4S, a faster processor, an improved camera, a 4G mobile broadband, and a new and smaller dock connector.

Apple attempted to distance itself from Google: the iPhone 5 has a new iOS6 Maps; therefore, it is no longer using Google maps, but it now has its own version. According to a few first users´ feedback, the new map doesn´t seem to have received very positive reviews, as it seems that the new Apple-maps are not quite reliable and precise as those of Google Maps.

Distancing from Google has also meant the removal of the Google´s YouTube App (though downloadable from apps).

Let´s give a closer look to some of the new iPhone 5 features.


The new iPhone 5 is wider and lighter. The back of the phone is now made of aluminium and it´s only one piece going all the way to the sides, holding the front glass and making it stronger compared to the 4S version.

4 inch retina display

The display is quite larger: 4-inch instead of the 3.5-inch of the iPhone 4S, which makes the new iPhone slightly taller than its previous version. Cnet.com editors have said “you’re going to have a hard time going back once you’ve used it”. The new screen adds up a new entire row for app/icons to display above the keyboard and a wider movie/video view and a landscape-oriented video. The wider screen also makes the pop-up notification less intrusive than before.

The new display has 18 percent more pixels for a 1136-by-640 resolution with an enhanced colour saturation.

A6 chip

The new A6 chip increases performance and graphics making the new iPhone twice as fast compared to the A5 processor. According to Apple, the chip is also 22% smaller than the previous one.

The new iOS provides a wide range of new features, including new facebook, shared photo system, maps, siri, passbook (a digital wallet app that helps you store documents such as boarding passes, gift cards, tickets etc.), phone and more.

The new Siri

Siri has now considerably improved, by becoming a new “virtual-voice-assistant”. Through Siri is now possible to find and book restaurants, post comments on twitter and facebook, find films ´reviews and schedules, find out football scores and many other info.

I sight camera: panorama shoot

The new iPhone 5 camera has been greatly enhanced. As far as megapixel goes, they are always 8 as in the iPhone 4S, but the new camera has a five-element sapphire crystal lens, a fast f/2.4 aperture and an hybrid IR filter. It also includes a lower light mode (it works better than before in a low-light environment), and a 2 f-stops. It has increased reduction of noise and it is up to 40% faster than its predecessor.

Probably its biggest innovation is the Panorama feature, which now allows taking panorama pictures in a very easy and intuitive way. Compared to other androids´ panorama systems, this one allows the user to move around while shooting in panorama mode, while having the software composing the final picture without distortions.

Further, the new iPhone 5 has a Nano-SIM compared to the Micro-SIM of the iPhone 4s. A new design of earphones (or earpods), a new and smaller charger (the lightening connector) and enhanced battery life.

For owners of the iPhone 4S, the software can be updated into iOS 6, giving the possibility of having many of the new features of the iPhone 5.

For more information on the new iPhone 5 features visit the Apple page.

-Images Credit: www.apple.com



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