The Top iOS Development Trends for 2016

Apple is always on top of everything, executing new projects that keeps Apple user eager. The latest inventions of Apple are the best news for tech savvy’s and for the mobile app market. There is no doubt that Apple has revolutionized the way we interact and use technology. Mobile apps augmented by Apple have established a strong unbreakable bond between our phone usage and app exploration.

If you are creating an app for your company, whether small or big, and want to see yourself in the Apple app market then do keep a check for iOS trends in mobile app development. You need to move yourself speedily with fast pacing technology to be somewhere above average. In case you find yourself troubled with the mobile app development then hire a reliable service provider such as VeztekUSA. They specialize in Android and iOS app development and consultation.

The alternate is always an option but keeping yourself aware of the trends is a key. Here’s a list of top Apple app development trends for 2016 for a successful approach.
#1- Swift Coding– Last year was the year for a whole new set of frameworks and coding methodologies brought in by Swift. This programming language is the talk of the year for both system and app language developers. It’s built on the modern compiler infrastructure and enables developers to write codes using the Xcode tool. Apple took Swift a year back and still uses Objective C, however it’s not long driven when this programming language might become the primary tool for developing Apple apps. As for now it used for iOS, tVOS, and WatchOS app development. This is the trend that shall continue for 2016 and do keep a close eye on Swift 2 that has already been released.
#2- Apple Watch 2– Apple released its Watch 2 in April this year and is by far the top wearable brand in device category. The apps in device category will be forced to reach new heights with the development of Watch OS2. From existing apps to creating extensions, a great scope of development for iWatch is there for developers for this year and the years to come. A total of 10,000 apps were available for iWatch until last year and 2016’s start has doubled the number already-the future has a huge room for more developments.
#3- Apps free of Charge– For all the iOS developers, this year and the near future is full of revenue. Thus, developing apps for iOS will be worth the try for you to fit the app market. Until now, the reports have given a figure of 75% apps to be free and by the end of 2016 the number will hit 93%. Hybrid apps are already rising in demand and will experience a huge demand in future as well.
#4- iBeacon– Geo Location has been facilitated in a better way by Apple with iBeacon. Apple developers have the opportunity of developing apps for m-commerce and e-commerce that can personalize services for location support. There’s only one point that is a key factor here; the iBeacon apps will have to be less battery draining to be effectively successful.
#5- M-Commerce– For iOS developers all m-commerce apps is a way of earning big. Internet usage over the phone has given users a way of looking into their phones for something else as well; they can order online and make their life easier. Mobile technology innovations such as wallet and beacons have provided better incentives. M-commerce for iOS developers will be a bigger earning factor.
#6- App security and iOS 9– By last year almost 75% apps had failed on meeting the security measures. However, with iOS 9 all the Apple developers have been pushed on bringing up security standards. iOS 10 will bring even more strong security measures and therefore, the developers looking to make a way into the iOS app development world need to focus on app security.
#7- Cloud Based App developments– Developers will have a huge benefit from cloud support; they will be able to reduce the app size and free space. Moreover, smart sync will also be enabled by Cloud-support. These applications will be gaining more popularity amongst iOS and OS x.


Apple has made announcements for the releases in advance and some of them might just be rumors. Whichever the case be, developers cannot expect a better platform to develop apps for. Apple will always keep the buzz and excitement alive amongst its users, but if you really need your development to be accepted then you should keep your eyes open wide for everything marvelous to offer by Apple. 2016 has a lot to offer and the smartphone giant will ensure that it happens.

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