This section is a compilation of various reports that have been published on the Web, Advertising and Telecom industry across the world. The reports in this section are available free of cost and can also be downloaded from the publisher’s website as well.

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Telecom is a complex industry with a large number of players in the ecosystem. The complexity increases due to high interdependence of the players for business growth. The existing business models in the mobility space still evolving. This section has reports that help us understand the existing as well as the emerging business models in the telecom space


Internet has changed the way we do business or communicate with each other. In the last few years the social networking sites have been ruling the internet and the next wave is likely to be real time web. I would not hesitate to say the internet has been the most useful invention after electricity. This section has a few reports and surveys that help us understand this space better


To understand the telecom space even from the business perspective, it is important to understand the technology. Here are a few tutorials that would help the new entrants in the telecom industry and would also help the industry veterans to refresh their knowledge

Economic Impact of Mobile Phones

Mobility is known to have a positive impact on the socio-economic aspects leading to faster GDP growth. There are several research reports from management consultants and the academicians that help us understand this phenomena better. This section compiles a few of the reports and white papers that are considered as pioneers in this area

Mobile Banking, Payments & Financial Inclusion

Mobile Banking, Payments and Financial inclusion is an exciting new field in the mobile space. This is going to impact the way we transact in a big way adding to the convenience. This page has a few reports and papers on how mobile phones are pertinent to banking and commerce

Case Studies

The purpose of this section is to present a few case-studies to the readers on some of the pioneer work across the globe