telco-logoHow many times have we wished being able to test our decisions without impacting the business. Many young telecom professionals would want to take the decisions that their CEOs take everyday. There are not many quality simulation games available for the telecom professionals.


Telecom Circle is proud to offer an exciting new business challenge to readers and visitors – a business simulation game based on our global telecoms industry.

We all need to improve our skills to advance in our highly competitive marketplace, and this dynamic, “real-time” business simulation offers an entertaining way to learn more, hone our business skills, develop new business strategies and understand our competitive position, our competitors and our customers. This business simulation game will help take the real-life decisions with confidence.

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We are planning our very own Telecom Circle tournament for players for later in the year, with great prizes for the “Telco Strategist of the Year”.
So get some experience under your belt now !

The Telco Manager Simulation experience lasts approximately 1 hour, but can be less depending on your ability

The Telco Manager Business Game

A “Real Time” Business Simulator : This dynamic business simulation allows you to test your general management ability as you try to build value for your company in a challenging telecoms marketplace.

The Competition : Take over the management of a leading provider of Mobile and Broadband services, and compete against two other “virtual” players – intelligently programmed competitors.


logo-bigtel2   Dominates the fixed line market – recently launched into mobile product lines




logo-peopletel Smaller dynamic competitor, focusing on the home-based markets for broadband, mobile and accessories



ARPU : Build your understanding of modern management metrics – ARPU, CPGA, Subscriber Churn and many others – as you create your own TELCO business empire.

Build Out : Huge up-front capital investments, build-outs and infrastructure development programs pre-define key business strategies.

These include optimising scale economies, as well as offering differentiated services that consumers are happy to pay for

Attracting subscribers becomes increasingly difficult as markets saturate, products mature, competitors become established in their home markets and try to expand into your markets. How do you build a sustainable business model ?

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Your company is a leading provider of Mobile and Broadband services.

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 A Unique Training Tool This is a unique tool, used in high quality telecoms management training programs worldwide which focus on new business strategies, market and product development, financial and business acumen, and general strategic management programs.

Single User Access : This simulation is available here as a “single user” simulation, available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere in the world. It works well in the classroom, in executive education programs, business schools, distance- or self-learning courses, or for for business tournaments and competitions

The game designers – The Telco Manager Business Simulation  has been developed by Tycoon Systems, Inc – who offer a fascinating range of dynamic, webserver-based business simulations  based on their IndustryMastersTM platform – including the Telco Manager business simulation game shown here.

Tycoon is one of the world’s leading providers of online business competitions, and provides simulations for use in business schools and executive education programs across the globe.