Telecom is a complex industry with a large number of players in the ecosystem. The complexity increases due to high interdependence of the players for business growth. The existing business models in the mobility space still evolving. Below is the list of reports that help us understand the existing as well as the emerging business models in the telecom space:

1. Mobile Platforms– This report from Vision Mobile released in Nov, 2011 is a good primer on the evolution of mobile platforms  and tracks the future trends shaping the industry. Click on link Clash of Ecosystem download the report.

2. Google Android – This white paper from Tiger Spike demystifies the most talked about mobile platform “Android”. Click here to download the white paper

3. Mobile Developer Economics 2010 and Beyond – This survey from Vision Mobile released in July 2010 is a must read for anybody who wants to understand the mobile application development space. It is a good pointer to many application store managers to prioritize their efforts. Click on link Mobile Developer Economics to download the report.

4. State of Mobile Application Stores – This presentation from Distimo was made at GSMA summit at Barcelona, 2010 and gives a good perspective on the state of Mobile Application Stores and makes a good comparison between different stores. A must read for anybody in mobile services business including application developers. Click here to view the entire report.

5. Understanding Mobile Operating Systems – This presentation from Todd Day of Frost & Sullivan was made in Oct, 2009 and analyzes the future of mobile OS. Click here to see the presentation.

6. Sizing up the Global Mobile Apps Market – This report from Chetan Sharma takes a holistic approach to sizing the mobile applications market.  Click on link Sizing_up_the_Global_Mobile_Apps_Market to download the report.

7. The future trajectory of Google Android: This is a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of degree requirement at Graduate School of International Management, Japan in August, 2009. This is a long report but worth the read as it compares Android with different operating systems and also takes a look at the various application stores. Click on the link Google Android to download the report.