Mobility is known to have a positive impact on the socio-economic aspects leading to faster GDP growth. There are several research reports from management consultants and the academicians that help us understand this phenomena better. Listed below are a few of the reports and white papers that are considered as pioneers in this area:

1. Mobile Internet for Growth: This project work from Bain & Co was presented in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, 2009.  The reports details the mobile internet landscape and the socio-economic impact of mobile internet. Click here to download the report

2. Vodafone’s Social Economic Impact Project Report– This project had aimed to study the socio-economic impact of access to communications in emerging markets.  Click here to download Vodafone SIM report

3. India: Impact of Mobile Phones: This report form ICRIER studies the impact of mobile phones on the economic development of various states/provinces of India. It estimates that the impact on economic growth of states could be as high as up to 1.2% for every 10% increase in mobile penetration. Click here to download the report.

4. McKinsey Report on Economic Impact of Wireless Phones: Published in Dec, 2006, this study was conducted in China, India and Philippines. It estimated that if other factors were to remain same, 10% higher penetration can translate into a 0.59% increase in GDP.  Click the link McKinsey Wireless Unbound to download the report.

5. Roeller – Waverman Research presentation on Mobile Telecommunications and Economic Growth – This  research points to a 0.5% increase in GDP with every 10% increase in penetration levels. It argues that the impact is double in emerging nations. The impact of mobiles on development would be the same for developing countries as fixed line had for OECD nations.  Click here to download the presentation.

6. Deloitte has released a report on economic impact of mobility in Australia in Feb, 2013  Click here to download Deloitte Report on Impact of Mobility.