Internet has changed the way we do business or communicate with each other. In the last few years the social networking sites have been ruling the internet and the next wave is likely to be real time web. I would not hesitate to say the internet has been the most useful invention after electricity. Here are some of the reports and surveys that help us understand this space better:

1. Internet Trends by Mary Meeker (2016) – Mary Meeker is one of the most celebrated analysts on Internet and works for KPCB. She releases an annual report on Internet trends across the world and this report is eagerly awaited. Download Mary Meeker Report here

2. Statcounter Internet Wars (2013)  – Statcounter has one of the largest internet usage data. In this report, it attempts to report to trends ranging from operating systems, mobile vendors, browser share, etc. Download Statcounter Report here

3. India Mobile Internet Report (Oct, 2013) – This report by Avendus gives an overview of how mobile internet is touching the lives of millions in India. Click here to download Mobile Internet India Report

4. Global Mobile Internet Traffic Report (released Mar, 2010) – This Informa report analyzes the Global usage trends in mobile internet. Click here to download the report.