To understand the telecom space even from the business perspective, it is important to understand the technology. Listed below are a few tutorials that would help the new entrants in the telecom space and would also help the veterans to refresh their knowledge

1. LTE Tutorial – This white paper from UMTS Forum provides an overview of LTE and explains the various terms in a layman’s language. Download White Paper on LTE now

2. LTE – A Pocket Dictionary of Acronyms – This dictionary edited by Stefania Sesia, Issam Toufik and Matthew Baker has one of the most exhaustive list of Acronyms. Download LTE-A_Pocket_Dictionary_of_Acronyms now.

3.  Mobile Broadband Evolution – the roadmap from HSPA to LTE – This white paper from UMTS Forum is a great report on HSPA and LTE.  Download Roadmap from HSPA to LTE now

4. 3G Tutorial – Want to know more about the 3G networks. Click here to download the tutorial

5. Towards Global Mobile Broadband– This white paper from UMTS Forum explains the LTE, its role in standardization of mobile broadband, key features and time lines. Click here to download the white paper

6. TD-LTE vs. FDD-LTE – This document from Ascom attempts to demystify the difference between the two LTE technologies. Click  FDD-LTE Vs TD-LTE to download the document